In effort to provide exceptional service and well supported value opinions we gather considerable amounts of data. Often times this involves specific real estate projects, economic condition information, legislation, transaction data or other valuation-centric issues. We're pleased to provide this blog component as a means through which to share some of this data as well as our thoughts and opinions.

A Federal Board for Building Sales? U.S. Govt. Looks To Expedite Sales, But Obstacles Remain

March 10, 2011

Depending on Who's Counting, U.S. Owns up to 59,000 Buildings it Doesn't Need and Now Would Like To Sell (Full Story)

Investment-Grade Properties See Largest Year-Over-Year Gain Since 2006

March 10, 2011

January CoStar Commercial Repeat Sales Index Illustrates How Rapidly Prices were Falling a Year Ago - And How Much They've Improved (Full Story)

In Price of Farmland, Echoes of Another Boom

March 07, 2011

In Price of Farmland, Echoes of Another Boom (Full Story)

CRE Pricing Holding to SeeSaw Pattern

February 18, 2011

CoStar says investment grade CRE Repeat-Sale Index increased in December (Full Story)

Commercial Lending Bounces Back In 2010

February 10, 2011

With CMBS and Life Company Financing Picking Up Speed, MBA's Commercial Loan Index Reaches Highest Level Since Third-Quarter 2008 (Full Story)