In effort to provide exceptional service and well supported value opinions we gather considerable amounts of data. Often times this involves specific real estate projects, economic condition information, legislation, transaction data or other valuation-centric issues. We're pleased to provide this blog component as a means through which to share some of this data as well as our thoughts and opinions.

Retail Sputtering from Exhaust of High Gas Prices

June 30, 2011

High Gasoline Prices Seen Negatively Impacting Discretionary Spending at Chain Stores, Shopping Centers (Full Story)

LESS DISTRESS: CRE Taking Less of Toll on Nations' Banks

June 30, 2011

Although FDIC's "Problem List" Increased from 884 to 888 Institutions During the Quarter, Nonresidential Assets Continue Slide, Construction & Development Problems Abating, Multifamily on Verge of Turnaround (Full Story)

Whistling Thru the Graveyard: Could CRE Follow Housing into Another Trough?

April 14, 2011

Another Trip-Up in the Economy Could Stall CRE Recovery, But Many in the Industry Don't Think it Will (Full Story)

CRE May Hear Static from Proposed Merger of AT&T and T-Mobile

March 24, 2011

Facility Consolidation Inevitable in Wake of $39 Billion Mega Merger of Wireless Carriers (Full Story)

Investors Returning To Retail Single Building by Single Building

March 24, 2011

Stand-Alone Retail Properties Generating Renewed Interest from Investors-- Hinting at Broader Recovery To Come (Full Story)