In effort to provide exceptional service and well supported value opinions we gather considerable amounts of data. Often times this involves specific real estate projects, economic condition information, legislation, transaction data or other valuation-centric issues. We're pleased to provide this blog component as a means through which to share some of this data as well as our thoughts and opinions.

Rapid Price Growth for Fast Food Eateries Driving NNN Restaurant Investment Activity

September 05, 2014

Burger Joints Leading the Charge (Full Story)

First Single-Family Rental Loan-Backed Bond Deal To Test Market

October 03, 2013

Värde Partners/FirstCity First of Many Expected To Securitize Debt on Emerging Asset Class (Full Story)

Interest Rates: Ingredients for a Successful 2013-14

September 12, 2013

Paul Daneshrad's Three Keys for Investors going into 2014 (Full Story)

Once-Voracious Zell Puts Less on Real-Estate Plate

September 12, 2013

Sam Zell gained the nickname "the grave dancer" in the early 1990s for buying beaten-down real-estate properties and riding them to huge recoveries. (Full Story)

Institutional Players Jockeying To Lead Single-Family Rentals Believe Bigger is Better

September 12, 2013

REITs and Potential REITs Expanding Acquisition Capacity and Management Capabilities (Full Story)